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European introduction VinFast Electric Vehicles

In late 2022, Josiane, a Paris-based ad agency, invited me as a conceptual copywriter for the European launch of VinFast. This Vietnamese EV, designed by Pininfarina, needed to build brand awareness and encourage pre-orders. Over 10 months, we developed and executed a campaign to introduce VinFast and offer reservation opportunities. I was responsible for transcreation and localisation. Check out the video below.

The European 'Reelveal'



Create VinFast brand awareness using KOLs despite having only show or pre-production cars.



Highlight VinFast's unique design by Pininfarina, leveraging his popularity to draw attention.



  • 53 KOLs journeyed from Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, to Oslo and Hanoi.

  • Reached 20M car enthusiasts.

  • Achieved 17M views via videos and Reels.

  • Garnered 470K likes, building brand love for an unknown brand.

  • Secured 54K link clicks.



Engage 50 European KOLs to create content for their audiences, VinFast’s channels, and paid campaigns. A cost-effective, mobile-friendly, and engaging approach set us apart from competitors.


Brand Activation Paris Motor Show 2023


How do we attract visitors to VinFast booths when the brand is still unknown?

The Idea

Do something unprecedented: a fully digital 'reelveal' that leverages social network algorithms and viral video formats to dominate the web.

  • VinFast became the most active brand on social media @PMS

  • Achieved a 40% increase in leads

  • Quintupled website traffic

  • Garnered 3M organic views by capitalizing on Reels

  • Secured 50K engagements, building a brand from scratch


Elevating VinFast Instagram to Luxury Standards



I felt that the standard displays on Instagram did not match the luxury and appearance of VinFast EVs, so we adapted it to European tastes. Talk about transcreation and localisation!

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